Facilities & Services

The following is a list of services and facilities we have at Rusthall Vet Surgery.


Fully stocked pharmacy.


Preventative care advice and treatment.


Consultation for disease diagnosis and treatment.


Consultation for ageneral health checks.


Nutritional and weight assessment and advice.


Diagnostic investigations using ultrasound, ecg, blood pressure monitoring, opthalmoscope, otoscope and in house laboratory equipment.


Full surgical facilities in dedicated opertaing theatre using  fully sterilised equipment

monitored by both equipment and trained staff.


Hospitalisation facilities and sleeping accomodation for staff to monitor inpatients


Dental services.


Specialist referal service.


End of life care.


Insurance advice.


Waiting room petproducts and diets as well as our online shop.

In Addition

Most  of the services and facilities above are shared by all good veterinary surgerys.  The following is what makes us different.
Available Parking on and off road.
Knowing you  will see the same vet each time.
Staff and owner that  work and live in the immediate area.
Single building premises in a dometic residential area opposite a  large childrens playground.
Home visits where requested or necessary.
We know your pet  is often more than just a pet but a valued family member , often a  trusted confident, a reassuring companion, the excuse to go and exercise or a key  to  a larger  or different social encounters.  As we recognise the importance of this bond we will always include you in all decision making.

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