NUTRITION and dental care

Hills    a good website with information about hills products and nutrition in general
Pet food manufactures  this website goes into an unbias view of good nutrition
virbac dental care -  a good site showing tooth brushing  techniques and information about teeth care.
Pet smile  -  a good site with  downloadable booklets on teeth disease and treatment
Dogs trust- video showing how to brush your dogs teeth

Training and behavour


FELIWAY - products that  help cats with behavioural stresses
ADAPTIL  - products that help dogs cope with change and stress
Positive animal training - a local dog training Sarah dell
APBC- governing body  of animal behaviourists

Miscellaneous and local services




Its a jungle out there:  a site that  discusses different dog and cat
                                 parasites suchs as Fleas, Ticks , Lungworm

Small animals and wildlife


future of vaccination - indepth  current information about vaccinations

General cat care


general dog care

kennel club



tracer identichips:  this is the brand of id chips we use because of their reliability
petlog                :  this is the database company: organised by the kennel club: that runs the database 24hours a day


    Surrey pet crematorium