Rusthall Veterinary Surgery

A little bit about us

Servicing the pets of Tunbridge Wells and surrounding villages since 1986, we aim to help you, prevent your pets (our patients) getting ill, and when they do, helping to treat or cure them.

Our Clients come from all around Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding villages from Pembury to Hartfield, Penshurst to Crowborough.


As the easing of the lockdown has come into play we are still protecting all staff and customers by limiting face to face contact. The doors are closed and only 1 client will be allowed in. Upon arrival at the surgery please ring from your car just before your alloted consultation time and you will then be directed when and where to stand on the marked lines on the driveway
More about our practice

A Full Range of Veterinary Services

We offer a wide range of veterinary services including dealing with domestic pets ranging from the smallest mouse to the largest of dogs.

Emergency vet care

We provide emergency vet care here at Rusthall Veterinary Surgery. Always ring the practice phone number first on 01892 511 715.


Caring for all aspects of your pet’s oral health is easy with our excellent dental facilities at Rusthall Veterinary Surgery.

Fleas, ticks and worming

Make sure your pet and home are kept free from parasites with regular flea, tick and worming treatments from Rusthall Veterinary Surgery.


Microchipping is an easy and pain-free way of keeping track of your loved pets should they wander off or get lost. Contact us for more details.


Protect your pets from a number of serious illnesses by making sure their vaccinations are kept up to date.


A pet ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique used to view your pet’s internal organs and identify potential issues.