Facilities at Rusthall Veterinary Surgery

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

We have a fully stocked pharmacy allowing us to prescribe your pet medication and enabling you to take it home the same day. We get a daily delivery from our wholesaler should you need any thing else we do not stock.

Nutritional and Weight Assesment and Advice

We stock a variety of prescription diets to aid in the nutritional care for your pet be it in health or in illness. Staff are given training on the life stage and prescription diets from Hills and Royal Canin.


We have hospitalisation facilities allowing us to keep your pet here should we need to, secure and comfortable. We have onsite sleeping accommodation for staff allowing them to monitor your pet throughout the night.

Dental Treatment

Dental disease in dogs, cats and rabbits is very common and regular checks (at least yearly) will identify the start of any possible teeth and gum pain and disease.

It is not unusual for dogs and cats to need a general anaesthetic in order to have there teeth descaled and polished and any decaying teeth extracted. Rabbits can be very prone t dental problems as their teeth grow continuously and, as a consequence, may need regular dental treatment.

After pets have had their teeth cleaned, most owners will notice their pet happier, eating well once again and they should no longer have smelly breath!

Preventative Care and Treatment

Consults are available daily for preventative health care and treatment. These can be made during our appointment times and range from vaccinations parasite control.

Full Surgical Facilities

Here at Rusthall Veterinary Surgery we have two operating theatres with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.

The main theatre is used for all of our surgical procedures providing a sterile environment for your pets during surgery.

All our equipment is cleaned and sterilised after use. During the anaesthetic the nurses use both their skill and equipment such as pulse oximeters and stethoscope to monitor the patience’s to ensure the safest outcome.


The autoclave is used to steam sterilise all of our surgical equipment at a very high temperatures in a vacuum for a minimum time period to ensure sterility of all the surgical kits.

Diagnostic Tools

Opthalmoscope: The ophthalmoscope is a light source that allows the vets to look at both the external and internal structures of the eye such as the cornea, lens and retina.

Otoscope: The otoscope has a light source and cones of different sizes to allow the vets to look into the ear and exam the ear canal and the eardrum.

Blood Pressure Monitoring: Just like in people, animals often suffer from abnormalities with their blood pressure due to different diseases. High blood pressure can damage different organs in the body including the brain so monitoring blood pressure is important. We have a doppler blood pressure measuring device that we use on all animals to get accurate readings.

X-ray: X-rays are routinely used in the diagnostics of many conditions. Here at Rusthall Veterinary Surgery we take and develop x-rays in house to allow us to get an immediate image.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a non invasive method of looking inside your pet to aid in diagnosis of disease or confirmation of pregnancy. Ultrasounds works by using high-frequency sound waves that reflects in various ways off the different tissues of the body. A probe is placed against the skin and used to transmit the sound waves and read the reflection. Although the procedure sounds relatively simple, this specialised equipment is expensive and skill and experience is required to interpret the results.

Ecg (electrocardiography): Leads are attached to the animal: these leads pick up the electrical impulses of the heart and allows the vets to look for any abnormalities with the heart rate or rhythm.

In-house Laboratory Equipment: Blood tests commonly either look at the chemicals carried around in the bloodstream or look at the blood cells themselves. The results of these tests tell us about the function of the organs (e.g. kidneys, liver) and the potential presence of infections.

We are equipped with an array of analysers to assess the biochemistry, blood gases, electrolytes, and hormonal assay and haematology analysers. Other equipment we use include tests for virus such as feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, fungal tests, microscope to look for parasites from collected samples such as mange mites and lungworm. For more specialised laboratory tests we have same day courier collection.